Champagne Janisson Brut NV

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Located in the prestigious Grand Cru village of Verzenay Champagne Janisson is owned and run by Manuel Janisson who is the winemaker creative inspiration and general 'tour de force' behind the House. Descending from a long line of wine-makers Manuel is resolutely passionate about developing and enriching the family tradition but his modern approach to the champagne world is what sets him aside from other winemakers and what sets Champagne Janisson aside from other champagne brands. In 2014 with the help of architect Giovanni Pace Manuel Janisson based his Champagne House in a sleek modern cellar; reflecting the style of his new cuvees. The state of the art winery ensures that new technology is put to good use to get the very best from what nature provides. This appreciation of the traditional methods of the past combined with a passion for the innovative techniques of the future has led Manuel to create his own stunning champagnes beautifully packaged in the unique 'Janisson' bottle which he designed himself (though his children did assist with the design of the Janisson logo!)